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The Lady in the Red Dress

Our Pop, Jerry Bryant, was a man of great faith, praying for others everyday. Wherever our Pop went he quietly shared his faith and prayed for people he felt in need. He usually held the hand of the person for whom he prayed and often, as he finished praying for them, he would remove his hand from theirs leaving behind a small pewter pocket cross just like the one just given to you. He would always tell them, "Remember you are never alone. God loves you!"

Our brother David travels a great deal in his business. One day on a flight from Phoenix to Sacramento he noticed a pleasant lady in a bright red dress boarding the same flight as his. The flight was full and she was boarding before him so he did not have the occasion to speak with her. He finished his business in Sacramento and was returning to Phoenix later that same day. As he approached the boarding area at the airport, there was the same lady in the bright red dress. As they were standing in the boarding area David started a casual conversation with her. They were discussing the interesting people you meet when traveling, then about other people, such as parents, or a pastor, or a priest, or certain school teachers and the impact they had on your life. The conversation continued as they sat next to one another on the plane.

After talking for a time the woman told David the story of a man she met on a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago who changed her life. She had been going through some very difficult times in her job and her marriage; she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer; laid off from her job and had experienced a recent death in her family. She told David, “This sweet, gentle, man was seated next to her and listened intently all the way to Chicago as she bared her soul. Just before they landed he asked if he could pray for her. She answered, “Yes, please.” After praying for her he left in her hand the little cross.

She pulled the cross from her purse and said, “This little gift from that gentle soul has changed my life forever and I don’t even know his name! I only need to hold this in my hand and I am comforted. I know that God is always with me.” Our brother filled will awe and tears in his eyes reached into his pocket to show her an identical little cross and said, “It’s just like mine? “ She replied, “Oh, yes! Do you know him?” David answered with a catch in his throat, “Yes, that was my Pop, Jerry Bryant.”

With millions of people in the U.S. what are the chances that David would encounter someone that our Pop touched? The miracle of that meeting was a life-changing experience for my brother. He realized that the faith of one caring and kind soul through a simple act of kindness can change lives. Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person’s life. God puts us all in each others lives to impact one another in some way. So always look for God in others.

At Pop’s Celebration of Life memorial service David told the story of the cross and Lady in the Red Dress. He gave all those in attendance a cross and asked, “Whenever you find someone in need, please give them your cross just like Pops used to do. Tell them the story of the Lady in the Red Dress and be sure to tell them that “God loves you and is always with you”.

To paraphrase Psalm 139, “Remember, you are never alone…God is always with you.” That was Pop's favorite psalm! Thanks for letting us share this story with you. We would like to take this opportunity to anoint you as one of Jerry’s Angels by asking you to share this story and cross with anyone who is in need.

FEBRUARY 23, 1914 – NOVEMBER 10, 2000

THANKS FOR REMEMBERING OUR POP! Penny Bartenstein, Linda Osburn and David Bryant
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The Journey of Jerry’s Angels

During a particularly difficult time during my treatment as a Stage 4 cancer patient I received a cross just like yours from a man named Jerry, my father. This cross came to mean so much to me. I always carried it with me to remind me that I was never alone and it was a reminder that others were praying for me. It gave me courage, strength, faith and hope.

Even after remission I continued to carry the little cross. A few years later I met another gentleman who was fighting cancer. While listening to the man’s story, I realized that he was struggling and needed the power of the cross. I gave my precious cross to him. I told him about my father and the many crosses he gave to hurting people over the years.

I told him about meeting the Lady in the Red Dress on a flight who shared with me the story of the most interesting person she had ever met and didn’t even know his name. From that day forth, her life changed and she still carried the little cross that he had pressed into her hand.

Some time later, that gentleman passed away, but just before he did he told his wife how much comfort the cross had given him in his last days, so he asked his wife to “please give the cross back to David and tell him to give it to someone who needs it.” His Wife sent the cross to his Sister who contacted us to return the cross and she conveyed to me what her Brother had said, and I told her “the person who needs that cross has it in her hand.”

That Lady has shared the story of the cross and of the lady in the red dress with many people. Thus the journey of the little cross continues through Jerry’s Angels. We hope someday it will travel around the world.

When giving a cross to someone who is in need please remember there are three rules associated with this cross:
(1) They must make at least one person smile every day;
(2) When they find someone who needs the cross more than they do, they must give that person their cross; and
(3) you must contact us and allow us to replace your cross because we don’t want you to ever be without it. Don’t forget to share the story.

Remember, with faith you have hope. And know that you are never alone, because God is always with you.

The small pocket cross you have received is our gift to you. We are praying for your healing and for a blessing of courage, strength and faith.

God Bless You!
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