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A Patient Testimony – Tex M.

“Cancer”....a dreaded word! It was a word spoken over me in March of 2010. It changed my life and that of my family forever! My name is Tex Mullis and this is my testimony of what God has done in my life through faith and perseverance.

This journey started when I began to notice I was having difficulty reading and pro-nouncing words, along with a slightly irritating headache, which was relieved by Ty-lenol, but came back again and again. I would be reading, have to stop, sound the word out in my mind and then speak it, no big deal right?

In the pulpit of my church where I was the Senior Pastor, it started off like any other Sunday. I began to preach a message that I felt I was very familiar with. During this message, the words coming forth from my mouth were very different than the thoughts going on in my head. Many people in the congregation thought that I was clowning around or speaking that way purposefully. At one point I addressed my wife, Debbie, and got the reply, “I'm not answering you!”

At the conclusion of church I informed my wife I needed to see a doctor. That evening, while pondering what had happened, the Lord showed me a laundry list of stresses that I had been carrying and I didn’t even realize it, one after another, He brought them to my attention. At the doctor’s office the next day, a Doctor I had never met, he asked what I did for a living. My response was, “I’m a pastor,” in which he replied, “it’s proba-bly stress related but we will do an MRI just to be sure!” He probably saved my life! As you might have figured out, the MRI wasn’t good. I was told, “Go home and get your things, you will need to go to the hospital quickly, you have a large mass in your brain!” We didn’t have to go right away, but we were put in touch with a Neurosurgeon and surgery was arranged within a couple of days.

A biopsy later, I’m was face to face with another doctor with a specialty in Oncology. He gave us the results of the biopsy and began setting me up for radiation and chemo, not to mention a steroid, that didn’t make me muscular, rather made me look more like a Zeppelin. After conversing with the doctor concerning treatment and how effective it was. This is what he said, “If you choose not to go through the treatment, cancer will come back 100% guaranteed and if you do the treatment there’s a high, high, probabil-ity that it will come back anyway!” It was the most aggressive type of brain tumor you could have, I was diagnosed with, a Stage 4 Glioblastoma. The doctor informed me he only had one patient to survive seven years out.

With statistics like that, I came off the drugs and walked away with good intentions of taking a more Holistic approach. Guess what happened? Five months later, the tumor did come back and with a vengeance!!! I had another MRI and then back to the sur-geon. After looking at the scan, the surgeon pointed out a part of my glorious brain that if it collapsed, I would be dead! “You might have 2 weeks without another surgery.” I smiled and said, “Let's do another surgery!” This time, they were not able to get all the mass. The surgeon reported he got all but about 10%. The way I saw this 10% belonged to God! This time I went through all the treatments, until my body had enough and the 10% was gone.

Within ten months, the tumor was back! During my vacation of 10 months, I had the opportunity to do much research on the treatment of brain tumors. This time we opted for Gamma Knife surgery, along with standard treatment. However, I was armed this time with lots of information, faith and great people to help win this war.

I was blessed to take a trip with my church leadership to Phoenix AZ for Pastor Tommy Barnett’s Pastors Conference at Phoenix First Assembly (PFA,) where I was put in contact with TEAM UP! Against Cancer, a cancer support ministry at PFA. I had the opportunity to speak to David Bryant of TEAM UP! who put me in touch with Dr. Steve Osguthorpe from Optimum Health Research. He introduced me to a product called Realife+. Along with the standard treatment, I am now on Realife+ new diet, and have begun juicing.

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