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A Patient Testimony – Rob G. Adams III

Rob G. Adams III, is an author, speaker and life success coach with a deep passion for personal and spiritual growth. He has a unique story and has turned his pain into purpose in order to inspire others. 
Born and raised in Brandon, Florida, Rob as family and friends affectionately call him, would later move to Northern Virginia for a period of time where he attended high school and college.    During his youth and into his adult life, he developed a love for sports and athleticism particularly in the areas of basketball and baseball. His mother played a vital role in Rob’s development and encouraged him to stay focused and to keep God first. Rob was raised in a single parent home and understood from a young age the true meaning of responsibility. 
Throughout high school and college he found himself behaving like most young adults, following the crowd and seeking acceptance from surrounding peers. As a freshman in college, Rob was living the college dream by being away from home and attending college parties. 
Soon, he would be faced with tackling treatments and making routine doctor visits due to an unexpected and sudden diagnosis of cancer.
To most, fighting cancer would appear to be a setback but Mr. Adams decided to see it as a setup for something greater. After enduring nearly 6 months of intense treatments, he received the report of being completely cancer free and he continues to walk in his total healing. 
In 2012, Robert returned to college and finished what he started, earning his B.S. in business management and is now involved in public speaking, communitybased activities and completing his first book. He is an inspiration to those around him and has proven that with God on your side, nothing is impossible! 
Presently, he resides in sunny California outside the city of Los Angeles.