Team Up Against Cancer


A Patient Testimony – Rebekah Lotz

I have been faced many times in my life with the decision to bow the knee to tragedy or rise above and refuse to let it have power over me. I have always heard that what you are is revealed when life doesn't go your way.

A few years back I found myself in the midst of a disastrous situation, the likes of which I could never have imagined! It was the kind of thing that movies are made of. This particular situation did not break me and in fact, strengthened my passion to be a positive influence and see it's great value first hand. Had I not had the upbringing I was blessed with, I don't know what would have happened to my life when tragedy struck! 

The Lord is my rock and through that time I relied on my faith and the strength and support of the significant people in my life. I emerged from that chapter of my life a wiser and stronger woman! I refused to let my circumstances define me or to become a victim. I am hopful that my experiences in these short 29 years that I have been on this earth will serve to be helpful in bringing hope to others. Due to these devastating experiences, I now find it easier to relate to people with all kinds of life challenges. I desire to give inspiration and hope to all those I come in contact with. It’s my life's mission and purpose to be a beacon of light in this dark world and I just know that God was faithful to deliver me then and He remains that way no matter what may come! Nothing is too big or too small to bring to Him.

Just as the broken pieces of my life were being put back together, life threw me another curve ball! Near the end of March 2013, we found the answer to what we thought were severe migraines that I had been suffering from for several months. On a particularly bad day, I was taken to the hospital where a CT scan revealed a large tumor in the right frontal lobe of my brain. A post-surgery biopsy later would reveal a grade 3 brain tumor, known as an Oligodendroglioma which is a very rare and dangerous tumor. 

My first thought upon waking up from the surgery and being told I wouldn't have any more headaches was sheer relief! I had been faced with debilitating headaches since my son was born five months earlier! I leaned on my husband and support system and once again began the fight of my life! Once I understood that I had undergone an emergency craniotomy, I surprisingly was not overcome with fear. After the shock had worn off, I thought to myself, "Wow! I am so honored that God trusts me this much to know that not even this will keep me from loving Him and fulfilling my purpose!"  What an interesting chapter in the story of my life!

From the moment I realized that I would be needing additional treatment to address any leftover cancerous cells that could result in the formation of a new tumor and another surgery, I knew that my life could never be the same. I knew that I needed to make the very best decision possible for my future treatment. The more I learned, the more uncomfortable I began to feel with standard treatments. Those treatments would entail 6 weeks of radiation and a year of chemotherapy. What I began to understand about these treatments scared me more than cancer itself. I began to follow my heart and research alternatives. Through that process I learned that we all have cancer cells in our body. Apparently the reason some of us end up with cancer is that our body's immune system is unable to inhibit it because it is broken down somehow. It seemed only natural then to embark on a plan to build up my immune system and to adopt a Ketogenic Diet designed to starve the cancer cells! It was a challenge to deprive myself of the sugar I had been seemingly addicted to over the last year or so. The first thing I did was to wean myself off sugar and replace it with stevia to curb my cravings. I began to feel much healthier and more confident in these non-traditional treatment methods. Furthermore, I was determined to find a doctor who could successfully lead me through the many options for natural care.   Since the day of my diagnosis, my story had begun to spread all over the world. Thousands of people had begun to pray for me because of a Facebook page, “Lotz of Prayer for the Lotzs”.

I believe one of the answers to those prayers came when I was contacted by a family friend in Arizona who put me in touch with Team Up Against Cancer. This led to my discovery of the type of natural treatment I had been searching for! I sent my medical information to Dr. Steve Osguthorpe, N.D. from Optimum Health who quickly reviewed my case and accepted me into their FDA approved, phase two clinical trial! It was everything I was hoping and believing for. It would allow me the ability to stay at home and care for our new baby and continue on my path to a strong and healthy lifestyle! I drink a packet of Realife+ formerly known as GenEpic mixed with water twice daily and follow the doctor prescribed food guidelines. Optimal Health Systems pays for all my labs which are done locally and will monitor my progress for years after the initial treatments. They report up to 97% cure rate of patients treated. Thankfully, this product is not too good to be true. It is obvious that it is science and a desire for a cure rather than greed that drives them to do what they are doing. I am extremely thankful that Realife+ has discovered a method of using a natural treatment to fight against cancer and other auto immune disorders. It has been a year now of clear MRI’s and blood work. I have NO time stamp on my life anymore and will continue to believe this way! Praise God for speaking so clearly and for giving me direction and the confidence to stay the course in the midst of many loud and conflicting voices. To Him be ALL the glory! - Rebekah Lotz, Cancer Survivor.