Team Up Against Cancer


A Testimony – Mark & Marcie Inda

May of 2007 represented the toughest time of our lives. Mark, the head of our family, was diagnosed with stage 4-5 tonsil cancer. It was as if a hammer had just been dropped on our family; we were absolutely devastated. Little did we know that this was the beginning of what was yet to come; a relationship with God that we never imagined that we could have.

In some cases, God whispers to us to get our attention; that’s what He does now anyway, probably because we’re actually obedient. At this particular point in our lives, He had to use a megaphone to get our attention. That’s because the lifestyle we were living wasn’t one that was pleasing to God. We definitely knew who He was, but in no way were we doing the right things.

We decided to go the traditional route of chemotherapy and radiation. Although times became tougher and Mark became very weak, the cancer returned and we were shocked again. In fact, the cancer continued to come back time and time and time again; literally, every 3 months it seemed like we started the battle all over and never felt like we could overcome any of these obstacles.

Marks "Team Up Against Cancer" TattooThat was truly the breaking point for us. We were so hurt and tired, and as the times continued to get tougher and the answers to our questions of “Why us, why now, why does this keep coming back?” yielded no results, we knew we had to do something different. Not different in terms of the treatment path we had chosen, but different from the standpoint that we surrendered to God. Mark simply prayed to God, “Lord, I give this all to You because I can’t do this on my own anymore.” Shortly thereafter, Mark felt God say to him in his spirit, “leave it to me.”

Since that day, Mark has been cancer free. Our simple prayer that seemed so impossible at that time was answered! Since then, we have completely devoted our lives to serving God and love to pray for others. With both the Prayer Pavilion of Light at Phoenix First Assembly and our association with Team Up! Against Cancer, we start every day by asking God to use us to help others. There truly is no greater feeling than serving God!

We can’t begin to explain how incredible it is to see miracles all of the time. We know that Mark’s life is truly a miracle, and we give all of the glory to God, and to God alone.

Just like Mark and Marcie’s commitment to God their commitment to TEAM UP! Against Cancer can never be questioned, check out Mark’s tattoo!