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A Patient Testimony – Sydney J., Thyroid Cancer

I know and have known how real The Almighty God is for many, many years. He has shown Himself to me in many ways starting with my family, mom, dad, brothers, sister, and my beautiful wife and sons. My life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows.

As a former NFL player and now lead singer with the Motown vocal group, The Mira-cles, I have had my share of wonderful life experiences. I was having an issue with my voice so I went to my Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) to see if there was something that could be done or some type of medication that might relieve the swallowing sensation I was having a problem with. After scoping my throat, the doctor suggested an ultra-sound. The results came back showing a small spot so a needle biopsy was or-dered. The results were not good. He said it looked like cancer to him and we should remove it immediately. Needless to say I was in shock. I told him I needed to think about this before making a decision. I left the office and began praying to God the moment I walked out of his office. I told my wife, but decided not to tell anyone else. I did not want to claim it or give any attention to the scientific facts. My trust was totally in The Lord Jesus. It wasn't easy to ignore, only by prayer was I able to dismiss the thoughts.

At the time I had agreed to sing a demo for a friend that I hadn't spoken to or seen for a long time. I had put it for over two months because of the problem. When he called for an update on the demo, I had to tell him what I was going thru. He understood and said not to worry about it under the circumstances. I told him that God thru Jesus Christ would heal me and that I would complete the project. He was amazed by my words of faith and said he too would pray for me. I decided to get a second opinion, so I went to an endocrinologist. The same tests, (ultrasound and needle biopsy,) were done and I was told to come back in about a week for the results.

In the meantime my wife met a Native American woman that lived in a trailer. I went to see her but never said what I was going thru, only that I needed healing. When I walked in she greeted me by touching and feeling my face as she was almost blind. The first thing she said was, "Oh I see," as she touched my throat area. She began to do chiropractic-like adjustments on me as I prayed to God inside my mind. When she was done, she just said, “Ok, you’re good; God has healed you.”

I went back to the endocrinologist to get the results from the second testing that was done. A friend that knew my situation and had been praying for me came with me. He was one of only a few people I told. The doctor examined the files from the initial and second testing with a perplexed look on her face. She then felt around my throat area and said, “I don't understand,” looking over the results again. Then she said, “There’s nothing there.” She was looking at both results from the initial test and the second test and they were different. One showed cancer and the other didn't. Totally gone. My friend immediately jumped up and asked, “What are the odds of it disappearing like that?” She said there was no chance; if it’s on the first test it should be on the second. I told her that God had healed me. She quietly acknowledged a greater power but still with a look of surprise and astonishment on her face.

It's been over two years now with regular checkups and no reoccurrences. I continue to pray and thank God for giving me this miracle and so many others. He is my go to for everything, EVERYTHING. Jesus is my Lord, my Savior, my Re-deemer, my Healer, my World, my Universe, my Miracle, my EVERYTHING. Sydney Justin – Christ Warrior and Cancer Survivor

(A note from Mari: “Recently my husband wrote and produced a video entitled, “Can you Ever,” a song dedicated to the journey and the emotions of husbands and wives face during the challenge of breast cancer. It is available on

A Patient Testimony – Mari J., Breast and Thyroid Cancer

I would love to share the following sincere testimony of the miraculous blessings and healings the Lord has bestowed upon me and my family, not ONCE, but TWICE! In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After battling for over two years was declared cancer free by my oncologist in 2003! Praise God!!! My semiannual follow-ups thereaf-ter indicated that I remained cancer free. In April of 2011, I was getting an MRI of my back and neck as a result of a slip and fall that I had experienced. My spine and neck looked pretty good, but the radiologist noticed lesions on my Thyroid. I was advised to visit my Ear, Nose and Throat physician (ENT) for an evaluation of my Thyroid. My ENT said it was probably nothing, but wanted me to have an ultrasound. When the results came back, further evaluation was necessary and a needle biopsy was performed. The outcome of the evaluation was 80% cancer and 20% questionable.

My eventual surgery resulted in a portion of the left side of my Thyroid being removed and sent to Pathology. Those results came back with a positive reading of cancer. However, the doctor said the cancer was so small, (the size of the head of a pen,) that they would have never been able to detect it for possibly 10 years if not discovered by the radiologist. Who knows how far it would have spread by then!

I believe nothing is by accident and that the GREAT LORD JESUS CHRIST is always protecting me and LOVES ME TO LIFE not DEATH! What are the odds of finding by accident such a small dot of cancer?

There are many unanswered phenomena in this world and I personally know that all good comes to those who LOVE the LORD and every lesson is a lesson of LOVE no matter how hard the lesson may be. God, makes NO mistakes, those who TRUST and don’t judge Him, but EMBRACE His choices and just LOVES Him will be REWARDED beyond their wildest dreams, either here on Earth and/or in HEAVEN! Mari J. – Cancer Survivor

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