Team Up Against Cancer


A Patient Testimony – Kay Sorenson

My name is Kay Sorenson. My story begins with a little pain in my left side. I found it very uncomfortable to lay on my left side, so I thought I would make an appointment with the doctor to be checked out. My doctor looked a little alarmed when he told me that my white blood cell count was off the charts.

He sent me to a specialist to have both a cat scan and a colonoscopy. Both results showed that I had colon cancer. After examining the results of both tests, the surgeon told me that he didn't think the cancer had broken through the wall and that was good news, however it turned out to be anything but good news. During the surgery, he discovered that the cancer had in fact broken through the wall and had attached itself to my ribs and also to my back bone. In addition it had made its way into my lymph glands, I was stage IV.

As the incision was healing, I was informed that I must take 10 months of chemotherapy, and then 14 days of radiation, and then an additional 3 months of the chemotherapy again. They warned me that if I didn't go through this process, that my chances of survival would be around 6 months to maybe a year to live.

I tried the chemo therapy for a month and a half, and I became so sick and so weak that I thought I was going to die just from that treatment. A member of my church approached me with some information to check out, an alternative to the traditional method for treating cancer. He told me to call Optimal Health Systems. 

I made an appointment to see Optimal Health Systems. My experience with Optimal Health Systems was a totally positive one. They took a sample of my blood and placed the sample on a slide and projected it on to a screen for me to see. A healthy person's blood cells should be round and free floating. Mine were not. They were stuck together will all manor of mutations and discolorations. Optimal Health Systems gave me a diet to correct my blood, along with vitamins to build up my immune system, a detox and also a very special herb formula that only kills cancer cells.

As I was leaving the Optimal Health office I told Optimal Health Systems what the Oncologist had said about me only having 6 months to live. Optimal Health Systems smiled and said, "We’ll have you cancer free in 6 Months." I immediately stopped taking the chemotherapy, and never did take any radiation treatment. Within a month I returned to Optimal Health Systems to have my blood checked again. To my surprise, there was my blood, projected up on the screen, with all the cells round and free floating.  I was on my way to a magnificent healing.

I stayed on the Realife+ formula and followed Optimal Health Systems dietary instructions and this March I will have been cancer free for 5 years!!!!!! Praise the Lord, Optimal Health Systems and all the prayers that went up on my behalf.

Editor’s Note: For more information on the Realife+ Supplements and treatment programs available contact Dr. Steven Osguthorpe at Optimal Health Systems, 307-220-0005