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A Patient Testimony – June A.

Good day to my special friends. I have selected you thoughtfully to share with me this journey that God has put on my heart.

It has been one year exactly to this weekend that I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, Her2 positive (aggressive fast growing cancer), tumor 2.5cm (is usually stage 3 at this size)

I am now one full year cancer free. Because of everyone's prayers, God's mercy and grace upon me, and my obedience to God calling me to stop eating badly. I was a junk food eater: Fast foods, donuts, pies, chips, candy, TV dinners, burgers, ice cream. Combined with some stress this was an 'invitation' for cancer.

The day I heard the words from my doctor: "You have cancer." After he hung up the phone. Yes, over the phone. I was left sitting alone on my couch to think. At first I was in shock because cancer was not on my agenda. I wanted to know nothing about can-cer because in my mind, I was not going to ever get cancer. Not me.

The first place my mind went was directly to God. He is my Creator. I talked to Him for a long time. I didn't cry for at least two weeks. Then at that time when the shock that I may die settled into my mind I cried a river.

Now, this was only four months after losing my mother. I was still grieving the loss of her. She was the staple that I could always count on. She was always a phone call away. She lived back east, but the phone kept us close. We spoke almost daily and sometimes more. Now, she was not there when I needed her. Most of of you all did not know what to do or say. Don't feel bad, I was the same way when I heard about peo-ple coming down with cancer. It freaks one out because what do you say to a friend who may die from cancer or go through the pain of this disease?

Having this disease has taught me much. Compassion for others with cancer. I never understood cancer and what people who get it go through. I do now. And now, people are falling into my path all the time who have cancer or have someone they love with cancer.

I am able now to encourage them and tell them not to give up hope. We can conquer this disease with faith, prayer and changed diet and lifestyles. I am proof that this can happen. It happened to me.

My Oncologist, who is on the cover of this year’s Phoenix Magazine “Best Doctors” edition, will tell you that I am a miracle. He was ordering me to have chemo and a load of other drugs to fight off the cancer. In the short span of four weeks my cancer changed. The numbers went down to 14 % for recurrence from 30-40%. When the numbers are this high chemo and drugs are always given. And there is no guarantee that these drugs will ward off a recurrence. Mostly they weaken the immune system for other disease and different cancers to attack the body. Most chemo patients do not die from the cancer, they die from the treatments. Crazy, but true.

Well, dear friends the reason I am sharing this with you is because I have been asking God to give me something to do for Him in thanks for what He has done for me. I believe the reason He gave me a second chance at life is so that I can lead others to becoming more healthy.Y

ou see, not only did my diet and lifestyle change heal me from cancer, it changed my HDL from 36 to 49 (50+ is good), TRG 284 down to 165 (150 ideal) LDL still needs some work as when we eat wrong for long term it take time to turn things around, but as you can see our bodies were made to respond to God's garden foods. Not chemicals with side effects. Garden foods have no side effects.

Ok, here is where I am going with this letter to you. I am asking you to keep me in your prayers as I go on this journey to help others become aware of diet and health. I am working on a cookbook and a change of life plan so that others can achieve optimum health and keep illness at bay. Poor diet is an invitation to poor health. And stress is a killer. Total life-style change and attitude change is necessary for long healthy living.

Last summer I met an man of 111 years who is healthy, has his own teeth, hears and sees well. Look him up: Bernardo Lapallo. His father, a doctor, passed at 98 and his daughter is in her 80's living in Paris. I also met a nutritionist 93 yrs young who has written several books on health and diet. She looked only 78 yrs.

I am proof that this new way is far better than taking drugs for healing. Also, while on this path my lifetime sinus has disappeared. Amazing. I always needed a Kleenex handy. No more.

I want to share with others how they can beat illness and keep it away with improved eating and lifestyle. Please keep me in your prayers that I may accomplish this goal with God as my guide and you praying for me this will happen. I am inviting you to take part in this journey through your prayers. God bless and I will keep you updated on the progress of this project- June A

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