Team Up Against Cancer


A Patient Testimony – John Martinez

Phoenix First Assembly is truly the church with a heart.  I started attending Phoenix First in January of 2010 and one Sunday morning Pastor Barnett preached a message about the importance of faithfully tithing to the Lord and the blessings it brings.

In May 14, 2010 I was in need of a blessing.  I diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and started radiation oncology on May 22, 2010 and I also had six sessions of chemotherapy with the last treatment on July 16, 2010.  After the last session of chemo I did not hear from my Oncologist for about 2 and half months.  When I was finally contacted the doctors they told me the cancer had spread to the esophagus and the liver and they felt I was beyond hope. They gave me a copy of my CAT scan and sent me home.  The only thing that could help me was a miracle from God.

During the time I was ill and could not attend church but I still faithfully mailed in my tithe and one day in July I sent a letter with my tithe asking my church for prayer.  Pastor Tommy Barnett gave the letter to the Prayer Pastor who gave it the people at TEAM UP! Against Cancer.  They came to see me, prayed with me, provided information on available resources and encouraged me to attend the Tuesday night Prayer Meeting at PFA.

When able, I faithfully attending church, the TEAM UP meetings, the prayer meetings and always sitting in the circle of prayer on Tuesday nights believing for my healing and truly feeling like I was part of a family.  On November 9, 2010, I gave a copy of my CAT scan to the people at TEAM UP and they had a doctor at Moffitt Cancer Center read the scan and sent an email to David Bryant at TEAM UP that said “this man has stage IV lung cancer with metastasis to the esophagus (I don’t know how he can eat the mass is so large), the liver and possibly the brain – and the doctor added “he needs a miracle.”

The people at TEAM UP told me about Poly MVA and a natural approach to the treatment of my cancer, and they, along with the people at Poly MVA help me find a doctor here in Arizona.  Unfortunately this treatment was not covered by my insurance so I hesitated to go and start treatment without having the financial resources to pay for treatment.  A few people at PFA were made aware of my situation and my church family stepped up with donations that helped me get my treatment started.  I later cashed in my 401K to help pay for the treatments after determining what better investment than my own life.

During the course of my traditional treatments my weight had dropped from 175 down to 118 by the time I first went to see Dr. Charles Baughman a doctor in Peoria, Arizona.  The people at Poly MVA and Dr. Baughman recommended a treatment program that included Poly MVA IV three times a week and a daily dosage of Poly MVA of three teaspoons 4 times a day.  I began the treatment with Dr. Baughman on November 17, 2010.

Dr. Baughman also suggested a specific dietary and supplemental program to go along with Poly MVA treatment program.

When I started on this therapy with Dr. Baughman my CEA blood profile was 16.8.  I had faith and God started His work on me and my current CEA profile level has come down to 5.7 from 16.8.  Our goal is to be 5.0.

On May 8, 2011 the doctors did a pulmonary procedure on my lungs and took some scar tissue from the lung and ran several tests and they all came back “Negative.”    

A recent CAT scan in September 2011 have proven my liver and esophagus are cancer free and there is no presence of cancer anywhere else in my body.

I give thanks to my church family, the people at Poly MVA, TEAM UP! Against Cancer family and I give praise and glory to my God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my miracle as I am healed of cancer!  John Martinez – Cancer Survivor – Phoenix, AZ