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A Patient Testimony – G. Darrell Olson

In March of 2012, after a routine blood test indicated a substantial rise in my PSA to 80.9, my primary doctor advised me to make an appointment with a recommended urologist. After further testing and a biopsy it was indicated to me that I had stage IV prostate cancer.

The immediate advice from the urologist was to have two hormone blocker shots and begin radiation treatments immediately. I agreed to the first of the hormone blocker shots that day and the second shot was scheduled 30 days later. So after the initial treatment, my wife Bonnie and I left on a long awaited European trip.

Soon after returning from our trip I was advised by a trusted friend to talk to a gentleman from TEAM UP! Against Cancer named David Bryant, who is a cancer survivor, After discussing some possible solutions I was advised to speak to a Dr. Izabela Musial who has offices here in Phoenix and had some cancer patients that had experienced great success using a treatment that feature a product called ReaLife+. Realife+ was developed by Dr. Steve Osguthorpe of Optimal Health Systems in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After fasting and making dietary changes and taking Realife+ twice a day, two months after beginning this treatment protocol my blood work revealed my PSA was now 6.9 and there are no visible signs of cancer anywhere. At 82 years of age I am cautious to say that “I am cancer free forever” and by the grace of God tomorrow looks great and I expect every day thereafter to be the same.

Editor’s Note: For additional information regarding this treatment protocol please contact the offices of Dr. Steven Osguthorpe, ND, Optimal Health Research, 307-220-0005.

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