Team Up Against Cancer


A Patient Testimony - Danny Biagianti

I want introduce myself, my name is Danny and I wanted to share my story:

I was moving along in life, I had a good life, steady employment, married for 25 years. I went to church now and then, maybe on holidays. All of a sudden I hit a major roadblock in my life.  Due to the economy I was laid off from my job, lost my insurance and my savings account was diminishing.  

And then the major devastation; throughout the years I have had several surgeries on my back, and now again, something wasn’t right, after several trips to the doctor and a MRI, it was found that I had kidney cancer.

When I heard that I had cancer, I was devastated the feeling of being alone and that nobody would be able to help.  How could this happen to me?  What did I do to deserve this?  Does anyone understand? Who is going to be there to help me, my family? There are so many more things I want to do in life. At that point I could hardly function to do my daily activities; I knew I was in for the fight of my life, and I really didn’t know if I had the fight in me.

My wife convinced me that it’s time I started going to church with her, she didn’t know how or what was going to happen she just stated that I had to put my faith in God.  Being in the state of mind I was in I agreed, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much.

And then it happened, from the minute I walked through the door, I felt the warmth of the Church.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard the sermon; Pastor Luke was speaking on “Going through the Storms in your Life” as I sat in that sermon in the room full of people, I felt that it was God and I; I knew that God was talking to me.  At the end of the service the Pastor stated that anyone who needed prayer should go to the front and there would be Pastors there to pray with them. 

The moment I stepped to the front of the church, my life changed forever, I met Pastor Dale and his wife Lynn and I told them my situation, they prayed with me and again confirmed that all things are possible through Christ. They introduced me to David Bryant, and TEAM UP! Against Cancer who then introduced me to Pastor Saeed. I can’t say enough about these two men, the compassion, understanding, wisdom and faith that these two men showed me; and the confirmation they gave me that Jesus was there for me and anything is possible through him. 

They informed me of the Prayer Chapel, and I started faithfully visiting it daily, I found I had new relationships not just with the church family, but also with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I’ll never forget the night of miracles when Pastor Saeed told me it was going to be all right. A feeling of calmness came over me and I knew at that moment that everything was going to alright. I also attended some Tuesday night prayer meetings, what a powerful influence that had on my life, all of a sudden, I didn’t feel alone anymore, everyone was telling me that Jesus was there for me and they were right I could feel him.

Well here it is 10 months later and I am cancer free, not only do I feel like a new man, I am a new man.  I am forever grateful to Phoenix First and the people of this church; they made me feel like family, but most of all I want to thank Jesus, as I have learned that all things are possible through him. This experience has had a major impact on my life, my new found life, the life I now live for Jesus. 

I want everyone to know of my experience, especially anyone that is going through hardships, be assured that you are not alone, Jesus is watching and he is waiting there for you, all he wants is for you is to open your heart to him and ask.

Everything that happened to me in this 10 month time frame after finding out I had the cancer; my wife suggesting that I go to Church, the sermon at the church just happening to be “Going through storms in your life”, the Pastors waiting in the front of the church with prayer signs to pray with people in need, the church having “A Night of Miracles”, meeting David and Pastor Saeed, and being able to make daily visits to the prayer chapel. No one has to convince me, there is only one person that could orchestrate such a performance; the one and only one Jesus Christ.

Oh and by the way, my wife feels that this all went into action 7 years ago when she walked into a Circle K and picked up a ticket and attended The Christmas Pageant and has been attending every Sunday since then.

Let me close in again saying Thank You to Phoenix First and all the people involved in this orchestrated plan.  No words can express the gratitude I have for all of you. Danny Biagianti – Cancer Survivor