Team Up Against Cancer


A Patient Testimony – Dan Ostrowski

My name is Dan Ostrowski and I am here to tell you that we really have a God that loves us beyond belief and He is there for us always.

My story starts with the passing of a couple of bad years financially then with the loss of my sister and mother; and then end of a 10 year relationship.  I didn’t have much left and wound up living in a little travel trailer near Lake Pleasant with no job and a broken heart. I began to walk my dog at night and started to pray to Jesus for help.  My father had always told me that I should pray for guidance and help and if you really mean it your prayers will never go unanswered and that’s when things started to change.

I was offered a new job as a construction sales estimator for a company in Phoenix but I knew very little about the product and felt overwhelmed.  I started coming to church at Phoenix First and started to tithe from what little I had and kept praying.  Lo and behold sales leads started coming in and my phone never stopped ringing and finally money started coming in and I continued to pray and give thanks to God and giving back to God, things were looking pretty good.

Then one day in January of 2011 I felt a little lump in my neck about 2 inches above my collar bone, it didn’t hurt and I felt good so I didn’t see any cause for concern. Needless to say the lump did not go away and was getting larger but I couldn’t bothered, I was working doing well and very busy.

I suddenly got very sick with the flu and had to go to the Emergency Room, and during the exam the doctor ask me about the lump and told me he assured me it was a clogged saliva gland and gave me some antibiotics.  Weeks went by and the lump got larger and I knew it was time to do something as I was scared and continued to pray.  I finally went to a throat specialist and he took a biopsy and said he would contact me with the results.  Three days later he called and told me I had tonsil cancer in my right tonsil but I should not worry as it was a very common type of cancer in men my age and had a cure rate of about 72%.

My life suddenly stopped with his words, I could not believe I had cancer!  I prayed for guidance and help and that God would guide me and show me the way.  I was referred to an oncologist who could see me immediately and turned out to be the best in the area for my type of cancer. 

The Lord was just starting to work on me and I kept praying.  I liked my new doctor, he was straight forward, easy to talk with, explained everything in terms I could understand but that time was important because I was stage IV.  I had but a few days to make up my mind to begin treatment and I was scared to death!  

I went to PFA that Sunday and sat near the front, everyone was very nice to and greeted me warmly.  Then a man came up to me and introduced himself, after which he reached out and put his arm around me and told me “Jesus loves you and you are going to be ok!”  I started to cry how did he know? I couldn’t stop the tears and after the service he came back to me and told me about TEAM UP! Against Cancer, the Tuesday night prayer meeting and he invited me to come to the meeting.

The whole TEAM UP group made me feel so welcome as I was introduced to the other people in the group.  I asked if anyone had healed of this type of cancer I had and I was also introduced to my TEAM UP “Buddy”, Mark Inda and his wife Marcie.  As it turned out Mark had the same type of cancer I had and in fact had used the same doctor who was currently treating me.  Mark said he would be my TEAM UP “Buddy” and would be there for me during my treatments sharing with me what each procedure was all about and what I could expect. This was divine intervention.  

I was also introduced to Pastor Saeed that night and I asked him to pray for me and he prayed one of the strongest and loving prayers I have ever heard in my life after which I felt super charged and I believed something good was going to happen to me.  I was to begin treatment in 6 days and on the 5th day I noticed the tumor appeared to have gotten smaller and I felt God was working on me. 

On the 7th day I started chemotherapy and even the doctor commented before he began the treatment stated the tumor seemed to be smaller.  I also started radiation the next day as part of my treatment program.  Mark advised me the first couple of weeks would be pretty easy except for some sickness from the chemo and I did ok.  Things went downhill from there as I started to get really sick, could not eat or even drink because of the extreme difficulty in swallowing and as a result I was losing weight very rapidly. 

My new friends at church, TEAM UP and Tuesday night prayer continue to pray for me and called me and prayed for me when I couldn’t make it to the meetings. 

During this time I was unable to work, was in and out of the hospital three times as I was battling this “beast”.  My very best friends Bill and Marci Toth stepped in and gave me a place to stay in their home so they could keep an eye on me.  I had my own room and bath and a place for my dog “Gus.” 

With the encouragement of Mark, Bill and Marci I was able to complete all the chemo and radiation treatments but it was brutal.  I almost didn’t make it, another trip to the hospital in fact 6 of them, all because I was so dehydrated that my system was starting to shut down.  After a few days I was on the road to recovery and was released after a few days.

A few weeks later I went to see my throat doctor they checked me over and could not find any cancer and schedule a CT scan and PET scan for the next day.  I was still scared and prayed myself to sleep every night and four days later the oncologist called to say “all tests came back negative with no trace of a tumor or cancer anywhere in my body.”  Praise God!!!

During this journey I was truly blessed with good doctors, good new friends and precious old friends.  I wish to give a very special thank you to my old and dear friends Bill and Marci Toth, Mark and Judy Tabin, Captain Ron and Betty Terdahl, and my new and dear friends Mark and Marci Inda, Pastor Saeed, David Bryant, Lyn Mize and everyone at TEAM UP! Against Cancer, the Prayer Ministry and PFA.  God bless all of you.

I am proud to say I am 100% cancer free.  I needed a miracle and God answered my prayers, you ask and HE will answer.  All my praise is to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Dan Ostrowski – Cancer Survivor