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A Patient Testimony – Clayton R.

July 6, 2012

It is not an exaggeration to affirm that by the grace of God, the Realife+ Optimal Health Systems and Steve Osguthorpe, N.D. saved my life and did so without the ghastly side effects of mainstream medical cancer treatments.

Approximately six months ago, an abnormally high PSA score of 12 triggered a biopsy to determine if I had cancer. The resulting Gleason score of 9.5 (out of a possible 10) confirmed that not only did I have prostate cancer but that it was advanced to the point that the physician wanted me to have surgery that day.

As a 72 year old male, I have learned to question before acting and I chose to postpone the surgery. Instead, I scheduled appointments with three urologists and one radiologist to get information and additional medical opinions. After reviewing my PSA score and my Gleason score from the biopsy, all four specialists urged immediate treatment, consisting of some form of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Without such treatment, they told me my prognosis was grim: I had at most six weeks to six months before the cancer would be in my bones and terminal.

Having had friends who have suffered through what many cancer patients call the “slash, poison and burn” of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I asked the physicians to talk with me about what the likely outcomes of their suggested treatments would be. All assured me that surgery/radiation would most likely remove cancer from the prostate. Hopeful as that assurance was, upon further questioning all four physicians admitted that the problems surgery and radiation can cause are often severe, so severe in fact that I was left wondering if the cure might literally be worse than death.

I was told that along with the usual discomforts of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, there could be lasting problems such as both urinary and bowel incontinence problems (several men I have talked with who have undergone prostate surgery are angry/humiliated about their lack of control, having to wear pads at all times). If incontinence were not bad enough, there is also the possibility (and often the probability) that sexual performance will be severely impaired, if not impossible. Finally, there is always the problem that cancer cells may have spread beyond the prostate where they can later multiply and spread to bones and vital organs.

I was at wits end when a medical doctor who specializes in alternative treatments referred me to the Realife+ Foundation. Even though my cancer score at the Foundation was 93% (closely paralleling the Gleason score), from the outset I was given reason to believe that I did not have to exchange one set of problems (prostate cancer) for another set (incontinence, sexual dysfunction, failure to stay in remission). Dr. Steve of the Realife+ Foundation presented an alternative treatment protocol that was simplicity itself: for six months, two times a day, I would drink a formula designed by Realife+ researchers to eliminate cancer, I would make some easily achieved dietary changes, I would exercise a minimum of 15 minutes a day, and I meet for monitoring every 30 days. Having just recently completed the six month treatment schedule, I can report that I “breezed through” treatment. Unlike traditional cancer treatments, this one did not interfere with my life in any way.

I have been stunned and thrilled with the results. Before six months were up, there was no evidence of cancer in my prostate or anywhere else in my body. I feel great, my PSA score is dramatically reduced and I have every reason to assume that my good health will continue. It probably goes without saying that I recommend the Realife+ Foundation to anyone diagnosed with cancer and it should be noted that the Foundation treats all types of cancer, not just prostate.

In short, I can’t imagine a better health professional than Dr. Steve –he truly listens, he answers questions before they are asked, his tests are thorough, he explains what is and will be happening, and he projects genuine caring about his patients. I thank God for the Realife+ Foundation and Dr. Steve Osguthorpe. Clayton R. Cancer Survivor

Editor’s Note: For more information on the Realife+ Supplements and available treatment programs please contact Dr. Steve Osguthorpe at Optimal Health System at 307-220-0005.

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