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Clayton R, Prostate Cancer Survivior

Clayton R., Prostate Cancer Survivor

It is not an exaggeration to affirm that by the grace of God, the Optimal Health Systems (Realife+ formerly known as GenEpic) and Steve Osguthorpe, N.D. saved my life and did so without the ghastly side effects of mainstream medical cancer treatments. Approximately six months ago, an abnormally high PSA score of 12 triggered a biopsy to determine if I had cancer. The resulting Gleason score of 9.5 (out of a possible 10) confirmed that not only did I have prostate cancer but that it was advanced to the point that the physician wanted me to have surgery that day. [More]

Danny B, Kidney Cancer Survivor

Danny B., Kidney Cancer Survivor

When I heard that I had cancer, I was devastated the feeling of being alone and that nobody would be able to help. How could this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Does anyone understand? Who is going to be there to help me, my family? There are so many more things I want to do in life. At that point I could hardly function to do my daily activities; I knew I was in for the fight of my life, and I really didn’t know if I had the fight in me. [More]

Pastor Tex M., Brain Cancer

Pastor Tex M., Brain Cancer Survivor

“Cancer”....a dreaded word! It was a word spoken over me in March of 2010. It changed my life and that of my family forever! My name is Tex Mullis and this is my testimony of what God has done in my life through faith and perseverance. This journey started when I began to notice I was having difficulty reading and pro-nouncing words, along with a slightly irritating headache, which was relieved by Ty-lenol, but came back again and again...[More]

Kyle and his boys.

Kyle Hanan., Lymphoma Cancer Survivor

First thing I heard the doctor say was “This is a real crappy deal.” I can’t remember the order or all of the next sentences he uttered, but I remember these: “Metastatic Melanoma stage 4….this is very serious, it’s spread throughout your body…that big thing growing out the side of your neck makes this all the more difficult…you have 6 months to live…” [More]

June A., Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Cancer

June A., Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Cancer Survivor

Good day to my special friends. I have selected you thoughtfully to share with me this journey that God has put on my heart. It has been one year exactly to this weekend that I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, Her2 positive (aggressive fast growing cancer), tumor 2.5cm (is usually stage 3 at this size). I am now one full year cancer free. Because of everyone's prayers, God's mercy and...[More]

G. Darrell Olson., Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Survivor

Darrell Olson, Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Survivor

In March of 2012, after a routine blood test indicated a substantial rise in my PSA to 80.9, my primary doctor advised me to make an appointment with a recommended urologist. After further testing and a biopsy it was indicated to me that I had stage IV pros-tate cancer. The immediate advice from the urologist was to have two hormone blocker shots and begin radiation treatments immediately...[More]

Mari and Sydney J., Cancer Survivors

Mari and Sydney J., Cancer Survivors

I would love to share the following sincere testimony of the miraculous blessings and healings the Lord has bestowed upon me and my family, not ONCE, but TWICE! In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After battling for over two years was declared cancer free by my oncologist in 2003! Praise God...[More]

Dan Ostrowski on the left with Mark

Dan Ostrowski, Tonsil Cancer Survivor

The whole TEAM UP group made me feel so welcome as I was introduced to the other people in the group. I asked if anyone had healed of this type of cancer I had and I was also introduced to my TEAM UP “Buddy”, Mark Inda and his wife Marcie. As it turned out Mark had the same type of cancer I had and in fact had used the same doctor who was currently treating me. Mark said he would be my TEAM UP “Buddy” and would be there for me during my treatments sharing with me what each procedure was all about and what I could expect. This was divine intervention. [More]

Mark and Marcie Inda

Mark Inda, Stage 4-5 Tonsil Cancer Survivor

May of 2007 represented the toughest time of our lives. Mark, the head of our family, was diagnosed with stage 4-5 tonsil cancer. It was as if a hammer had just been dropped on our family; we were absolutely devastated. Little did we know that this was the beginning of what was yet to come; a relationship with God that we never imagined that we could have. [More]

Pam J

Pam J., Breast Cancer Survivor

The year was April 1992 - I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma breast cancer in my left breast. I remember questioning "Why me God" and having the overwhelming feeling of, "Why not me"? I had always shied away from actual contact with someone that had received a "cancer diagnosis" for no other reason than just not knowing what to say to them or how to comfort them. In my 20 year journey God has used my experience with this dreaded disease to minister to others. He has opened many avenues in the area of listening, sharing, supporting, praying with and for others and has developed lasting friendships, thus fulfilling the "Why Me"...[More]

Leo Godzich and his wife

Pastor Leo Godzich, Thyroid Cancer Survivor

As I groggily came to in the recovery room, I was surprised that my wife Molly had been permitted to come back there. She was glowing, beaming with excitement, "Hi, honey. Great news: both tumors were benign, there's no cancer, and you still have your thyroid. It's a miracle!" [More]

Rebekah Lotz and Family

Rebekah Lotz, Brain Cancer Survivor

I have been faced many times in my life with the decision to bow the knee to tragedy or rise above and refuse to let it have power over me. I have always heard that what you are is revealed when life doesn't go your way...[More]

John Martinez

John Martinez, Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor

In May 14, 2010 I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and started radiation oncology on May 22, 2010 and I also had six sessions of chemotherapy with the last treatment on July16, 2010. After this session of chemo I did not hear from my Oncologist for about 2 and half months. When I was finally contacted the doctors they told me the cancer had spread to the esophagus and the liver and they felt I was beyond hope. They gave me a copy of my CAT scan and sent me home. The only thing that could help me was a miracle from God. [More]

Mary and H.K. Elrod

Mary Elrod, Breast Cancer Survivor

While both my husband and I were raised in Christian faith and have been members of various churches throughout our lives, we had been fighting a battle that to us was unbelievable. Unable to have the regulatory agencies acknowledge the illegality of the actions that were hurting not only us but others working in our arena also, H.K. and I isolated ourselves from the church we attended and from seeking that support. We failed to ask for God’s help or to turn our problems over to him. [More]

Nancy and John Hamlet

Nancy Hamlet, Breast Cancer Survivor

Throughout my life I believed our family was uniquely blessed. We seemed to be shielded from loss, overwhelming challenges, or tragedy. This stability came to a screeching halt in the spring of 2010 beginning with the loss of my father, our family’s patriarch. With my mother’s dementia accelerating after the death of my father, the harmony of our family was replaced with tension and division as it became necessary to make decisions for her care. Struggling with the loss of my father and the heartbreak of my mother’s declining mental health, I began to seek the close walk I experienced with the Lord before I allowed the busyness of my career to consume my life. I questioned if it was even possible to regain that close relationship and fully trust in Him. My answer came in a phone call on October 13th of 2010 with the startling results from a biopsy showing infiltrating ductal carcinoma in my left breast...[More]

Kay Sorenson

Kay Sorenson, Colon Cancer Survivor

My story begins with a little pain in my left side. I found it very uncomfortable to lay on my left side, so I thought I would make an appointment with the doctor to be checked out. My doctor looked a little alarmed when he told me that my white blood cell count was off the charts...[More]

Karen Martens

Karen Martens, Colon Cancer Survivor

In 2008, I had a recurrence of colorectal cancer. My first experience with cancer in 2001 was quite different. The first time, I was in a state of unbelief that it could happen to me at my age. I had a minor surgery to remove a very small tumour, with no chemo or radiation follow up. Good to go, as they say! It was so minor that I wasn't concerned that I might need to change my diet or other lifestyle activities. Even still, I had feelings of depression...[More]

Rob G. Adams

Rob G. Adams III, Nasopharynx Cancer Survivor

To most, fighting cancer would appear to be a setback but Mr. Adams decided to see it as a setup for something greater. After enduring nearly 6 months of intense treatments, he received the report of being completely cancer free and he continues to walk in his total healing...[More]

David Marcus

David Marcus, 5-Time Cancer Survivor

My name is David Marcus and I am a 5-time Cancer survivor. I was born in 1958 in a small town in New Jersey to Jewish parents.

New Jersey really never had anything to offer Special Needs people. I was never offered any job that was full time or that had benefits. Because of this and because my father retired from the Post Office, we moved to Salinas, California near where Arlene was stationed at Fort Ord. I had a couple little jobs in Salinas, but even there, I could never find a full time job with benefits...[More]

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