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Carol had been ministering and serving as a Hospice and Nursing Home volunteer for over a decade.  Jack had been making wooden crosses for many Ministries (Cursillo, Kairos, Walk to Emmaus, Via de Christo, Hospice care, nursing home visits and others for over a decade.

Wood HoldingCrossesBut God had a plan for a ministry and a cross…in the fall of 2001, Carol came home after one of her Hospice visits and shared with Jack a “need” to bring something to her patients…something that could be held, something that was meaningful and something that “felt good in the hand”.  A traditionally shaped cross was not the answer as we discovered hands and fingers that did not work “right” any more.  Hands that were crippled with age or Arthritis, had lost their grip and had difficulty holding on to anything.  And so, The HoldingCross™ was born.

Notice the simplicity of The HoldingCross™; the wood, the shape, the feel.  Place The HoldingCross™ in the palm of your hand and wrap you fingers around the uneven cut and rounded edges.  Your hand will naturally cradle the cross.  The HoldingCross™ gently fits itself inside.

The HoldingCross™ is a personal cross.  Through your sense of touch and reflection, you express your love of Christ and your need for Him.  Sometimes you may find that saying a familiar prayer, such as The Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm or calling out the name of Jesus, is meaningful and comforting while holding the cross.  No words are needed – simply holding your cross silently during quiet meditation is prayer.  Offering a hymn or song of  praise while holding your cross is also an act of prayer.  Or, it can be helpful to hold your cross when making an act of penitence.  Many just fall asleep at the end of the day with their HoldingCross™ in their hand.

Holding your cross can also be a useful tool when praying for others, especially for those who are suffering or in need.  Placing your HoldingCross™ in their hand while praying for them is simple yet it can be a very special moment encouraging them to focus on His presence,  His voice and His peace.  For the ill, blind or elderly, simply holding it throughout the day can be a blessing of comfort and peace.  Children and youth find a prayerful reminder in The HoldingCross™ of that promise of God that  He will never leave us or forsake us.  No matter what the situation or where we are, He is always with us.

Carrying The HoldingCross™ in your pocket or purse is a subtle reminder of whose you are.  It can be carried everywhere confidentially and confidently.  Set upon a nightstand, coffee table, credenza, kitchen sink or desk, The HoldingCross™ presents an open invitation of prayer any time of the day.

Using a hand-held cross is an ancient tradition that has been used throughout the world for centuries.  Since the early church, being identified with the cross has been a universal acknowledgement of being a Christian.  Today, The HoldingCross™ is used in hospitals, nursing homes and Hospice care.  The HoldingCross™ can also be a blessing to youth ministries, mission trip teams, Christian education, small group settings, family prayer times, fund raisers, weddings, baptisms, confirmations, funerals or wherever people are ministering and reaching out to the body of Christ in a personal way.

Young or old, in sickness or in health, in good times and trying times, the gift of The HoldingCross™ is a gift of love from one hand to another. Blessings to you,
Jack & Carol The HoldingCross™ Family  2001

HC Poem

I make these holding crosses With only you in mind In hope that you will share it With someone that you find Has need for some encouragement For their own peace of mind So share it with them freely And then just let me know I will replace yours with two more To continue on the glow The sharing of these crosses Might just light up the life Of someone who sorely needs it To make things turn out right A little wooden holding cross Doesn’t seem like much Unless you stop to think It represents His touch Each time that you hold it You need to stop and think How Jesus suffered and died Just for you and me As I make these little crosses I say a little prayer For the one who receives it Who might be in despair So keep a special lookout For someone whose in need Of a special little blessing A kind word, cross or deed