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The Journey of Jerry’s Angels

During a particularly difficult time during my treatment as a Stage 4 cancer patient I received a cross just like yours from a man named Jerry, my father. This cross came to mean so much to me. I always carried it with me to remind me that I was never alone and it was a reminder that others were praying for me. It gave me courage, strength, faith and hope.

Even after remission I continued to carry the little cross. A few years later I met another gentleman who was fighting cancer. While listening to the man’s story, I realized that he was struggling and needed the power of the cross so I gave my precious cross to him. I told him about my father and the many crosses he gave to hurting people over the years.

I told him about my meeting a Lady in a Red Dress who shared with me the story of a gentleman she had met while traveling that changed her life. She shared with this man that her health and spiritual life were at their lowest point. He listened intently and when she finished he ask if he could pray for her…..and with her hand in his, he prayed, and when he finished she looked in her hand at the beautiful cross he had left her. She said from that day forward her spiritual life and health turned around. She still carried the little cross and took it out to show me what he had given her and told me all she knew was that his name was Jerry. Then she noticed my eyes were fill with tears as I opened my hand to reveal to her the exact same cross and told her I knew that man, he was my father. Remember…. God puts us here to make a difference in one another’s lives, so always look to be that difference in someone else’s life.

To paraphrase Psalm 139, “Remember, you are never alone…God is always with you.” That was my father’s favorite psalm!
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David Bryant
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